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Adele's Website



Welcome to Adele Archer's website! Author, blogger, ventriloquist, trainee part-time bishop, used car salesman - Adele is a woman who wears many hats.


Adele believes romance isn't dead, it just isn't feeling very well. This is why she writes romantic fiction with an amusing, albeit slightly bitter style. Adele also writes a witty yet maudlin blog, which you can view on this site or you may wish to head on over to her awesome Wordpress blog site (and subscribe to become a follower). But whatever you do, please come back!


'International Relations', her debut novel, was released in 2015. 'American Cousins' (the second book is the saga) was released in June 2016. 'Foreign Affairs', the third and final book in the trilogy was released in February 2017. Visit her Amazon Central Author Page here. So please subscribe to this website if you'd like updates. Don't worry, emails will be few and far between (she writes books at a glacial pace). It's the ventriloquism that takes up all the time.


So feel free to browse this site; come for the book but stay for the fun! 

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